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Wildlife Surveys, habitat management plans and implementation that prioritizes wildlife and wildlife habitats.

Northern Stewards has experience conducting a variety of wildlife surveys, including for rare, threatened, and endangered species. We also specialize in habitat planning, habitat assessments and habitat management, including invasive plant management. Every project is different. Contact us to discuss which wildlife service is right for you.

Services for Wildlife

Habitat Inventories and Planning

Knowledge and a good plan.

We inventory and map habitat conditions and connections appropriate for the site. Using landowner objectives and habitat priorities, recommendations are made to optimize your property for targeted wildlife species. 

Habitat Management Plans primarily work to increase food resources, cover habitat, connectivity, improve habitat diversity on different spatial scales, and protect, improve or create habitat for unique wildlife species.

Wildlife habitat management plans

Habitat assessments

Habitat mapping

Invasive plant assessments

Wildlife impact statements

Developing deer and hunting habitat

forester in awe.JPG

Wildlife Surveys

When knowing is necessary. 

Indiana and northern long-eared bat trapping and acoustic surveys
Bird surveys
Camera surveys
Tracking surveys
Amphibian surveys
Reptile surveys
Small mammal surveys
Acoustic surveys and analysis


Habitat Management

Healthy habitats are not by accident. 

You know which critters you like. You know the habitats they need and how they're going to get there. Northern Stewards will help you coordinate and implement your habitat management goals. We're after the basics and the complex;  providing food, water, cover and improving water quality, unique species and habitats and connectivity. Northern Stewards specializes in providing habitats for rare, threatened or endangered wildlife species and game animals.

Wildlife: Services
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