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Wildlife Surveys

Specializing in 
Northern long-eared bat 
Indiana bat acoustic and trapping
Bird surveys
Camera surveys
Tracking surveys
Amphibian and Reptile surveys

Allan Thompson 
Certified Wildlife Biologist
Licensed Vermont Consulting Forester

Wildlife Surveys

Bat Surveys.

Acoustic surveys, trapping, telemetry, roost tree monitoring and exit counts. 

Over 15 years experience conducting bat surveys including Indiana bat and northern long eared bat surveys. 

A USFWS and Vermont approved bat contractor, using the most up to date Acoustic recording equipment and USFWS guidelines. 

Bat surveys for municipalities, conservation organizations, State Transportation departments, Military Departments, Real estate projects, solar projects and forest products industry. 


Bird Surveys.

Point counts, presence/absence, active and passive monitoring. 

Northern Stewards can provide surveys for any of Vermont's birds or bird habitats. Whether your project includes habitats of high elevation remote areas, lowland wetlands, young forests, or a large matrix of habitats, Northern Stewards can help.  Consider baseline surveys or long-term monitoring projects.


Wildlife Camera surveys.

Long term monitoring, presence/absence, wildlife distribution.

Northern Stewards has worked on both small and large camera projects capturing and cataloging hundreds of thousands of images across Vermont. Cameras can be a useful tool at a variety of research scales or engaging with the public.  Northern Stewards can help with your camera project.


Tracking and sign surveys.

Tracking surveys for presence absence, monitoring, or habitat use.

Northern Stewards has experience with a variety of tracking methods, in different tracking mediums, for a variety of species and can identify species by a variety of sign. Tracking surveys can be useful for presence absence, habitat use, or behavior insights. 

Contact Northern Stewards to discuss how to use tracking and sign surveys for your wildlife project needs. 


Amphibian and Reptile Surveys

Visual observations, transects, vernal pool surveys, cover objects, funnel traps, drift fence and pitfall traps. 

Northern Stewards has experience with surveys for snakes, turtles, frogs and salamanders. Contact northern stewards for your amphibian and reptile surveys.

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