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Forest Management Plans, Inventories and Management.

Our approach to forests and forest management works to balance the need for human resource utilization and the maintenance or improvement of ecosystem processes. These processes occur on our woodlands and provide the conditions needed to provide the lumber, firewood, clean air and water and food. Northern Stewards understands that we as humans are not separated from these processes and our management should work as a tool to promote the health of the complex system of our forest environment. As a result we can utilize these resources while protecting the stability of our Northern Forest and our life within it.

Forestry Services

Balancing human resource utilization with ecological functions and processes to protect and provide our life within these Northern Forests.


Forest Management Plans

It starts with a good plan.

We take time to get to know you, your objectives and then conduct a thorough inventory of the forest. The trees, the quality, the volume and value. natural communities, habitats, water, and access. We use GIS and GPS to map resources to understand where and how management will occur. Forest plans will have recommendations such as when and how many trees to cut, how to improve forest health or create unique habitat conditions. 

Satisfies Vermont's Use Value Appraisal program.

Can meet NRCS Forest Conservation Activity Plan requirements. 


Forest Stand Improvement Projects

Investing in your woodlands

A necessity as a woodland owner.  Forest health and quality can improve greatly through small scale thoughtful forest stand improvement projects. You have maples or young spruce that need more access to sunlight, beech that is overtaking the understory or forests that need just a little thinning to improve growth. Don't wait. Northern Stewards can help.

We'll even get behind a chainsaw and tractor for jobs not suited for commercial operations.

Crop tree release.

Small scale firewood harvests for you. 

Mast tree release.

Pre-commercial thinning. 


Non Native Invasive Plant Management

Keep Forests Healthy.

There are a variety of tools available to help control non-native invasive plants. Once you have decided that action is needed, Northern Stewards can help with direct removal using mechanical or chemical methods. Northern Stewards is licensed as an herbicide applicator in Vermont and can work with you to keep your forests healthy. Sooner the better.

mast tree release canopy.JPG

Forest Habitats

Its for the birds (and others)

Forests can be managed for wildlife habitat in conjunction with other forest values and does not happen by accident. Proper planning for wildlife is essential for protecting wildlife or habitat during forest management. Northern Stewards can help define wildlife priorities from rare threatened or endangered species, connectivity, or target habitat conditions and help protect, create or promote conditions.

Log Truck Loading.JPG

Forest Harvest Administration

A Healthy Forest is not by accident.

We can help with any or all aspects of harvest planning and administration. Delineating harvest boundaries, marking trees, locating landings and log roods, developing contracts, finding loggers or operators, insure successful completion of operations. All while protecting ecological resources and our life within the forest.

small Stream within forest.JPG

Climate Friendly Forests

Forest Carbon.
Keep it. Get more.

Our forests play a vital role in protecting our climate and our life here on earth through carbon sequestration and carbon storage. Additionally, a changing climate threatens these very forests and may disrupt their ability to both provide sustainable resources but also store and sequester carbon.

Carbon sequestration occurs from growing trees, pulling carbon out of the atmosphere used for photosynthesis. Carbon gets stored in living and dead wood and plant material and soil organic matter.

Forest management plans can be prepared to maximize and balance carbon storage, sequestration and the utilization of forest products. 

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