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Resources for Landowners

No plans to build or subdivide on 25 or more forest acres?

Ready to engage in responsible forest management activities?

Think your taxes should be lower to reflect that? 

You could be eligible to enroll in Vermont's use Value Appraisal Program to receive tax abatement available for woodland owners just like you. 

NRCS can help provide landowners grant funding for almost all activities described here. NRCS can help fund Forest Plans, TSI, young forest habitat creation, fix eroding trails and help palnt trees. Among an exhaustive list of other things. Your're best bet is to use the link above to find the closet service center and call or email. The NRCS websites is a rabbit hole not worth going down. But the phone call is well worth it.

Or, contact us to help coordinate actions with NRCS. 

County foresters work for the State of Vermont and are responsible for the Use Value Appraisal Program. They are dedicated to providing resources to landowners. They can't take you all the way, but they're a great reality check and worth getting to know. Find your County Forester and introduce yourself.

A membership based organization that advocates and provides educational resources for woodland owners. Members receive information pertinent to woodland owners. VWA has a legislative liaison in the State House and provides testimony for woodland owner interests. A great group to join for any woodland owner or forest advocate.

You love your land. You want to protect it from future decisions that may jeopardize the resources; the forest, the water, the wildlife. 

Contact a land trust. Tell them your story and say "I'd like to discuss conserving my property". 

Use the link above or contact us for suggestions. I'll thank you for doing so. 

A network of neighbors inspiring woodland and wildlife stewardship through hands on training and education. Like wildlife? Check em out.

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