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How many acres do Licensed Foresters manage in Vermont?

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

3.05 million acres.

Show your work: Of Vermont's 5.90 million acres, roughly 75%, or 4.5 million acres of that is considered forest. Some of that forest is in small patches of 5-10 acres surrounded by agriculture fields or small parks in villages and some of that forest is tens of thousands of acres not fragmented by any roads, houses or development. Now, 20% of the forest land, accounting for roughly 900,000 acres, is public land and under the management of the federal, state or municipal government. The other 80% of Vermont's forest land is considered private land which accounts for roughly 3.60 million acres, owned by families, individuals, trusts, businesses, and Conservation Organizations. Vermont's Use Value Appraisal Program or Current Use, requires that enrolled forest land be under some level of forest management in order to be taxed at its "use value" and is done so, by a Licensed Forester. And, in 2018, the last bit of numbers here; there is roughly 1.65 million acres of forest land enrolled in Vermont's Current Use Program.

Its also the case that some percentage of land not enrolled in Current Use is also under the management of a Licensed Forester, just not receiving tax benefits. Lets assume this number is 25%, that is 25% of forest land not enrolled in Current Use is under the management of a Licensed Forester which is roughly 500,000 acres.

So, all of Vermont's Government land (900,000 acres), all of Vermont's Forest Land enrolled in Current Use (1.65 Million), and the conservative estimate of the land not enrolled in Current Use (500,000 acres) are forest acres in Vermont managed by a Licensed Forester.

Not bad. Could be better. We Foresters are a good bunch and always happy to chat.

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